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The New Document Dialog

If you’ve updated Photoshop to CC from an older version, you will have noticed a fairly big change in the New Document dialog box.  (You can learn how to create new Photoshop documents with the new Start Screen here).

Photoshop New Document Dialog Box

Some long-time Photoshop users are finding the new New Document dialog box to be a bit clunky. If you would prefer to get back to the streamlined “old school” version, which Adobe now calls the “legacy” New Document dialog, here’s how you do it:

1- On the mac, choose Photoshop CC > Preferences > General (shortcut is Cmd + K).  On the pc, choose Edit > Preferences > General (shortcut is Ctrl + K)

2 – Click in the checkbox beside Use Legacy “New Document” Interface to enable it.

Photoshop General Preferences

3 – Click OK to close the Preferences dialog box and next time you create a new document, you’ll see the more familiar legacy New Document dialog box.

Legacy or old version of the New Document in Photoshop

4 – If you decide at a later time that you would like the new New document dialog back again, just go back into the same option in Preferences and uncheck it.

Hope you find that useful 🙂

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